The mediums with which businesses can distribute their messages to their target audiences are evolving. As content and community marketing initiatives continue to grow, many B2B companies are finding a great deal of traction with interactive webinars delivered directly to a target audience. These live presentations can reveal insights into the buyer process as well grant consumers access to valuable thought leadership content as a part of a developed community, free of charge.

Frost and Sullivan recently released a whitepaper highlighting the power and impact webinars are providing B2B marketers. But it is important to note that the value provided by webinars extends past the “one-off” events that provide marginal benefit. By developing a webinar strategy that includes a series of thought leadership presentations, you can create an engaged social community that nurtures interested audience members into qualified leads.

BrightTALK™ has created a platform that makes creating, managing and presenting this content as easy as creating a Powerpoint presentation. The all-inclusive webinar, video and attachment platform allows companies and brands to present their message through multiple mediums while garnering feedback, answering questions and presenting polls, all in real time.

The true power of this comprehensive platform was highlighted in an interview with, Eric Doyle, Director of Data Center Marketing at Intel. He said, “We consider white papers, press announcement, etc., to be a ‘shotgun blast’; however, using BrightTALK is the ‘rifle shot.’ We still use the shotgun, but we also rely on the rifle. It’s always better to have more weapons in your marketing arsenal.”

We feel this idea aligns directly with our notion that spreading more interactive content to targeted communities can be the killing blow in your sales process. Our recent blog post on content marketing underlines the consumer’s need for creating this consistent content. Engaging and interactive webinars is currently one of the premier ways to “cut through the noise.”

The efficacy of BrightTALK’s on-demand capabilities is also captured by recent insights from a SonicWALL program. They reported seeing registration numbers rise from 278 pre-event to 700 views of the webinar within two weeks after completion. Your content will rest in a community with thousands of professionals that are one click away from accessing your message. This essentially embodies the nature of community marketing as your content will be automatically introduced to your target audience that may not have seen your messaging when shared with internally-owned databases.

Developed communities are becoming a valuable commodity, and BrightTALK is here to help you build your own. Find out more about how our webinar and video technology can empower your marketing motions.