american_flagAs the United States of America prepares to celebrate the anniversary of its declaration of independence from Britain, we are busy declaring our own revolution against traditional content marketing. For years, marketers have struggled to constantly create exciting and engaging content to distribute to their target audience. With a limited number of soldiers on your team, the battle to create enough content can quickly become an overwhelming one.

We, the people of BrightTALK™, have a different take. The evolving nature of Web 2.0 and emerging multifunctional distribution platforms have made the days of simply creating quarterly whitepapers seem almost colonial. Big brands are creating unique, targeted and multidimensional content campaigns that position themselves as thought leaders and companies unable to adapt are finding themselves left without representation.

How can you keep up with these content revolutionaries? The mediums for content distribution have evolved from the messengers on horseback and newspapers of the Red Coat days. Marketers now have tools such as blogs, whitepapers, infographics, videos and webinars, to name a few. Have an interesting idea surrounding an industry trend? Instead of simply creating a whitepaper and letting the story die on the battlefield, call in multimedia reinforcements! Increase engagement with your audience by giving them additional shareable webinar and video assets.

Much like the revolutionaries found solace in banding themselves together as one, marketers can find solace in one powerful platform that can band multiple content outlets into a greater whole. The new BrightTALK “attachments” feature enables presenters to utilize all of these mediums in one powerful, comprehensive tool. Now your audience can upload photo, video or whitepaper assets in real time to complement your live and recorded webinars.

Your content has been held back for long enough. Free your brand message from the oppression of repetition. The expansion of the Web and BrightTALK’s webinar and video technology has created a revolution against traditional content marketing. Are you ready to join?

With liberty and content for all,